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Here is the section you all wanted to see! If you are a chess parent reading the previous section you now hate me because I gave you a bunch of boring words about chess, but you will now love me for this section because I’m giving you options and resources to use! If you are an aspiring chess player you might have read the last section and said “ok boring old guy who writes a lot, just tell me what I need to do to improve!”, well this section is for you!

The Chess Primer – Free Self-Learning Workbook by Chris Felix

Chess Books

Chess books, especially tactics books are extremely good for aspiring chess players to go through. They teach and train many important skills in a variety of areas. Here are some of the top books I recommend:

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
First chess book I ever read and a major impact on my playing ability. I recommend every beginning chess player go through this book. Note that the first few sections are easy and elementary, but it has some more advanced concepts near the end.

Chess Tactics for Champions
While more advanced than the above book, it’s a book all about learning and practicing different types of tactics. I use this as my primary tactics training resource for my intermediate students. Note that you can go through this book many times! Once you’ve done all of the puzzles and reviewed your answers, you can then flip to random sections/pages and solve the puzzles again!

Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids by Jeff Coakley
Winning Chess Puzzles for Kids Volume 2 by Jeff Coakley
Winning Chess Exercises for Kids by Jeff Coakley
Jeff Coakley has a series of books with puzzles, problems and teaching strategy. These are EXCELLENT books and I strongly recommend them for well-balanced chess study. Jeff makes things fun with unique types of chess problems and exercises. Perfect for self-study or a parent working with their child.

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course
This is a great book which focuses only on endgame study from beginner knowledge all the way up to national master. I use this as my primary source for endgame study for all of my students.

Online Tools and Websites
Live playing over the internet, written articles, learning videos, chess tactics puzzles and more.

Another website that offers live playing over the internet, written articles by masters, learning videos by masters, unlimited chess tactics puzzles and more. It is also focused primarily at kids.

Live playing over the internet and lots of free training material.

Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Live playing over the internet. Additionally there are many learning videos available with lectures by International Masters and Grandmasters. Chess coaching also available.

Computer Training Guide to Chess
Website with tons of links and information on chess, including history, strategy, relationship to mathematics, etc.

Grandmaster Mac
Grandmaster Mac chess academy provides online chess lessons, online chess coaching, school chess programs and other chess classes for kids and adults.  There is also a directory of free video chess lessons.

Car Games: Chess
Website offers tons of chess information and resources. Everything from history and rules to tactics and strategy.

Kids Games: A Guide to Playing Chess
A quick guide for kids on learning to play and the benefits.  Lots of resource links included.

Chess Clubs

Practice is extremely important! The Junior Chess Club meets at Alderney Gate Library in Dartmouth from September until May and is an amazing spot to play chess. Don Bidgood, I and a few other strong players are there to help and guide aspiring chess players. This club is completely free!

You can also check out other places to play on our Chess Clubs page.

Chess Coaching

Coaches are a great way to improve under the focused guidance of other strong players. Check out a listing of local coaches on our Chess Coaches page. Additionally, many coaches are available through the Internet Chess Club. This is a great resource to guide chess players on a path to improvement and understanding of the game.

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