2021 Nova Scotia Provincial Chess Challenge Registration

Register for the 2021 Nova Scotia Provincial Chess Challenge (May 16, 2021) by filling out the form below

Open to players from Nova Scotia in grades 1 through 12 only.

Don't know you CMA ID? You can find it by searching for your name on Chess & Math Website. If you are a new player, enter "1".
First Name:
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Lichess Username:
You need an account on in order to play. More information here.
School Name:
Phone Number:

E-mail is required to register but Phone Number is not.

This information will only be used to contact you about registration, if there are any issues that come up during the tournament or for prizes.

Your e-mail will not be added to our mailing list.

For anti-spam reasons, please fill in the validation textbox below with the 5 letter abbreviation for our association (nssca), lower case.


The tournament entrance fee is $20 for this event. Please e-mail money transfer to with the player name set as the security question or in the description and the password set to "nssca"


The NSSCA is not responsible for supervision of children during the online event. It is the responsibility of a parent or guardian to appropriately supervise children during the event.

I understand and accept the information provided above.

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