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  • NSSCA Rapid Online Casual Chess Tournament #14 on October 11

    Jerjis is back again with his online casual chess tournaments this Sunday, October 11! Note that players interested in playing in these tournaments will need to join Team Nova Scotia. […]

  • Meet the Players: Rikuto Nakayasu!

    My name is Rikuto Nakayasu. I am a grade 11 high school student studying at Charles P. Allen High School and I currently organize the chess club at my school. […]

  • 2020 Season Kick-off Set for October 4

    The time has finally come! The chess season kicks off with our first official event! The 2020 Season Kick-off will be played online at on October 4. See the […]

  • Online Tournaments Instructions

    Below are the instructions that will be used to play the official NSSCA Online Chess Tournaments. There is also a tutorial video showing this process in action! Tournament Instructions Step […]

  • Get Ready for the 2020/2021 Season!

    Hope everyone had a great summer! Fall is around the corner, days are getting cooler and the school year is starting. That means………. the official NSSCA tournament season is here! […]

  • Get Ready on

    To get ready for the start of the chess season and playing on, below is a video tutorial to help you get ready and be familiar with website. Below […]

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