Jerjis and Atak are Grand Prix Winners!

Congratulations to Jerjis Kapra for winning the Crown Grand Prix this year! He won every individual event outright, the first time this has ever been accomplished since the inception of the Grand Prix system!

Left to Right – Tommy Deng, Andy Wang, Jerjis Kapra, Kalen Rookard, Neil Uppal

The intermediate group was an amazing finish, before the tournament began it was clear that the top spot was still up for grabs! In the end, Atak Talay Yucel managed to tie for first and secure the Grand Prix victory!

Atak Talay Yucel, Braedon Cruickshanks and Calix Marchand have all achieved ratings above 1000 and will be competing in the top group at the next events.

Lef to Right – Calix Marchand, Braedon Cruickshanks, Atak Talay Yucel

Upcoming Events

12:00 pm ChessFest 2020 @ Halifax Central Library
ChessFest 2020 @ Halifax Central Library
Jun 20 @ 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm
More information to follow.

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