Grand Prix Standings – Heating Up!

After our second Grand Prix installment in January the standings are starting to really heat up! Two critical tournaments are upcoming in February and April for the Grand Prix.

In the intermediate section there is currently a close battle between Andy Wang and Asher Christiansen, each winning one of the tournaments outright! Only 15 points difference between these two players, we’re sure to see some fireworks and tough games in the next two events! Closing in just behind is Braedon Cruickshanks with two solid performances, Neil Uppal and Brian Zhang each placing second in one of the events, but missing the other. Anything can still happen! A win could boost someone into contention or break-free of the group!

In the crown section Jerjis Kapra has dominated with two first place finishes, Jiarui Gao and Ridhi Mittal are both tailing but can make up ground by winning the next event.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.