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24th Edition

The 24th Canadian Chess Challenge will be hosted by the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association for the very first time in history!

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History of the CCC

The Canadian Chess Challenge 2012 will be held at St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 19-21. This is the first time in the Canadian chess Challenge's 24 year history that it will be held in Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Chess Challenge started back in 1988 when well-known cartoonist, Ben Wicks, met with Fidelity Electronics of Canada (makers of chess computers) President Stan Samole in 1988. Wicks was looking for a link with chess and a way to raise funds for GEMS, Global Ed-Med Supplies. This was a charity run by his wife Doreen, which helped people in the third World. Samole put Wicks in touch with the Chess Federation of Canada who passed the ball over to the Chess’n Math Association, Canada's National Scholastic Chess Organization.

Initially, major national sponsors covered tournament expenses and travel costs to the Nationals for all provinces. This allowed the registration fees paid by the students to go to GEMS. The philosophy behind the Challenge was a simple one: kids would help other kids while having fun playing a game emphasizing intellectual agility.

However, as times changed and the economy worsened, major sponsorship for the Chess Challenge dried up. Nevertheless, the Chess'n Math Association persevered and kept the Chess Challenge alive with a significant financial infusion.

In 1993, the Canadian Chess Challenge moved out west for the first time ever. The province of Alberta, under the leadership of Phyliss Flower and Ford Wong, showed the rest of the country that it is possible for any province in Canada to host this prestigious event. Newfoundland took the ball for the 1994 event, making it the best organized Chess Challenge up to that time and raising the bar for future organizers.

The Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association, along with the Chess'n Math Association, looks forward to seeing you this year at St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, as we present the 2012 edition of the Canadian Chess Challenge!