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24th Edition

The 24th Canadian Chess Challenge will be hosted by the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association for the very first time in history!

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Chess Puzzle Answer


White is down a pawn.
White's pieces are much better placed and very active against the black king.
Black has no control at all over the a1-h8 diagonal.
White is attacking h7 twice (knight and bishop).
White has a queen on a1-h8, and Bb2 also can control this diagonal.


We must attack the king as quick as possible, look at forcing moves first due to all the weak squares.


1. Qxg7! Kxg7

You may be tempted to play 1. Bb2, but we should always look at forcing moves first. After 1... f6 black is defending our attack!

2. Bb2+ Kg8

Now that the f7 pawn is pinned to the king by the rook on e7, it's quite clear how deadly the lack of control over the a1-h8 diagonal has become.

3. Bxh7#

All the moves were forced, black had no defense. Always look for the weaknesses and use them to your advantage!