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24th Edition

The 24th Canadian Chess Challenge will be hosted by the Nova Scotia Scholastic Chess Association for the very first time in history!

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Chess Puzzle Answer


White is down the exchange.
White pieces are much better, Queen and Rook on the c file. Defended knight outpost on f6, active bishop on b1 as opposed to a terrible bishop on d7.
The black king is in a very weak position, in fact getting the queen to h8 would be checkmate!
The white knight is currently the only piece blocking Qh8.
Moving the f6 knight is a discovered attack on the h8 square.


Using the discovered attacked to force a win!


1. Nd5!

This move ends the game immediately. The threat is Qh8#, and also Nxe7. There is no way for black to solve both threats, as the queen can't move anywhere to defend the h8 square, and moving the queen from e7 doesn't work as Qh8 is still mate because the knight on d5 still attacks the e7 square.