Interviews with players or other people.

  • Meet the Players: Arnav Kapadia!

    Hi! I’m Arnav Kapadia, a grade 9 student at Rocky Lake Junior High. I have been playing chess for four years. I have played many tournaments and have enjoyed playing […]

  • Meet the Players: Brian Zhang!

    My name is Brian, and I am 10 years old. I have played chess for three years and my CFC rating is currently 1676. I have a lot of medals […]

  • Meet the Players: Breanne Llewellyn!

    My name is Breanne Llewellyn. I am a grade 12 IB student at Halifax West High School. I have been playing chess and involved with the NSSCA for seven years. […]

  • Meet the Players: Rikuto Nakayasu!

    My name is Rikuto Nakayasu. I am a grade 11 high school student studying at Charles P. Allen High School and I currently organize the chess club at my school. […]

  • Meet the Players: Ridhi Mittal!

    Hi there! I’m Ridhi Mittal, a recent high school graduate from Charles P. Allen High School and overall STEM enthusiast. In the upcoming Fall, I will be studying at McGill […]

  • Meet the Players: Andy Wang!

    My name is Andy Wang, and I am currently in grade 5 at the Halifax Grammar School and living in Halifax. I have been playing chess for 5 years, but […]

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