Answers to the brochure puzzles:

Puzzle 1, Mate in 1

1. Ra1#! Check every check, you never know which one might be checkmate!

Puzzle 2, Mate in 3

1. Bf7+! Rxf7 2. Qg6+ Rg7 (2… Kf8 3. Qxf7#) 3. Qxg7# Check every check… even the most unlikely moves can sometimes work.

Puzzle 3, Find the Fork

1. Nf6+ wins the queen, g7 is pinned to the king by the queen!

Puzzle 4, Find the Skewer

1. Rb7+ Rxb7 2. Rxb7+ followed by capturing the bishop on g7.

Puzzle 5, How to Draw?

1. Ke1!! Only way to draw. 1… Kd3 2. Kd1 e2+ 3. Ke1 draw or 1… Kf3 2. Kf1 e2+ 3. Ke1 draw. 1. Kf1 loses to 1… Kf3 2. Ke1 f2 and 1. Kd1 loses to 1… Kd3 2. Ke1 f2.

Puzzle 6, How to Win?

1. a6! Forces a new queen and wins the game. 1… bxa6 bxa6 unstoppable pawn. 1… cxb5 axb7 unstoppable pawn. 1… Kc5/Kd6 2. a7 unstoppable pawn.

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