December 11 - Free Tournament at Halifax Central Library!

Just a quick note to everyone that the December Regular will be at the Halifax Central Library and is completely FREE entry!

Hope to see everyone out!

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2016-2017 Scholastic Chess Tournament Schedule Up!

Hope everyone had a great summer! With back to school season comes the start of the chess season!

Our 2016-2017 Tournament Schedule has just been posted, we look forward to seeing everyone at our events!

Special note that for the October monthly tournament, if you've never played a chess-math event before, you can play for FREE! So if you've been interested in seeing what these events are like, now is the time to check it out!

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School Team Provincials and Regular Tournament - April 24!

The final tournament of the year, the School Team Provincials is this weekend! If your school doesn't have a team, don't worry... we will run an individual tournament too! So if you want to play chess, come on out!

Hope to see you this Sunday at Mount Saint Vincent University!

Checkout the Tournament Schedule for more detailed information on this event.

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Maritime Team Tournament, Nova Scotia Second!

Congratulations to all the players of Team Nova Scotia! They represented their province extremely well and ended up in second place after a very close tournament!

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2015-2016 Tournament Schedule Posted!

We hope that everyone has had a great summer! Now it's time to hit the boards and play some chess!!

Our 2015-2016 Tournament Schedule has just been posted, we look forward to seeing everyone at our events!

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Dartmouth Junior Chess Club Simul Exhibition

On February 7, 2015 NSSCA head instructor and chess coach Chris Felix played a simultaneous exhibition for the Dartmouth Junior Chess Club. This involved playing 12 boards at once, taking on every challenger!

Some of the stronger competition, Jerjis Kapra and Asher Christiansen (Click for full size)
Even parents were invited to play! (Click for full size) In the end, after multiple games by a few players, only one draw was conceded to the challengers. Good work by Dylen Keel on taking advantage of an error by Chris!

Dylen Keel with an endgame advantage over Chris (Click for full size)

Congratulations Team Nova Scotia!!!

Congratulations to Team Nova Scotia for winning the Maritime Team Tournament, our first win in this event, beating the up-until-now undefeated Team New Brunswick!

This was an extremely close and tense event, but in the end Team NS scored 55 points to Team NB's 53 points and 35 points for Team PEI.

2014 Team Nova Scotia (Click for full size)

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Maritime Qualifier at Oxford School!

Be a part of Team Nova Scotia! This Sunday you can qualify for Nova Scotia's Maritime Team at the Maritime Qualifier at Oxford School! See our tournament page for more details.

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So what was that CYCC qualifier?

There are actually two governing chess bodies in Canada. The first is the Chess & Math association (CMA which runs youth tournaments across Canada and is the main association the NSSCA runs tournaments for.

Every year the CMA holds a national tournament, the Canadian Chess Challenge where one player from each grade from each province participates. Each province will run a series of provincial chess challenges to determine the players that qualify.

The other association is the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC runs tournaments for youths and adults. Every year the CFC hosts the Canadian Youth Chess Championships alongside it's major event the Canadian Open. Unlike CMA, the CYCC is run by age not grade. The sections are Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18. Winners from the CYCC are qualified to play in the World Youth Championship.

To play in the CYCC a player must obtain a 50% record or higher in any CYCC qualifier. Multiple CYCC qualifiers happen across the country each year. Currently the NSSCA runs one CYCC qualifying event a year, the Nova Scotia Youth Championships.

Global TV Chess Portion

Global hosted a segment on Don Bidgood's Children's Chess Club and the Chess Club in a Box program.

You can view the segment here:

Chess Club in a Box Kick-Off!

The NSSCA is kicking off the pilot for it's "Chess Club in a Box" program. Some information on the program can be found in these information sheets:

Program Information Sheet

Kick-off Information Sheet

NSSCA Wins $1000 for Chess in a Box Program!

The NSSCA gave a presentation on the idea of the chess in a box school program to the Awesome Foundation Halifax, along with three other finalists. In the end, the chess in a box program won the vote of the trustee's, giving $1000 to the NSSCA to support this program.

A special thanks to the Awesome Foundation Halifax for making this opportunity possible! You can find more info on their website at

Below is a youtube video of the presentation, which took place on November 29, 2012:

Posted by Chris Felix

2012 Canadian Chess Challenge in Halifax!

The Canadian Chess Challenge was hosted by Nova Scotia for the very first time. For more information please visit the Canadian Chess Challenge 2012 website.